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December, 2012

  • 15 December

    Additional Spending on ‘Aashura Day

    There are several legitimate practices in Islam that have been wrongfully deemed as incorrect. In an era of religious melt-down, we cannot afford such incorrect assertions One such practice is: Spending on one’s family on the day of ‘Aashura (The 10th of Muharram)

  • 15 December

    Status of the famous Hadith on the virtues of Ramadan

    This an in-depth analysis of the Famous Hadith in which our Beloved Nabi (sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam) described Ramadan to the Sahabah (radiyallahu ‘anhum) by my Friend and Colleague: Moulana Bilal Ali of Chicago, Director of www.darulhikmah.com, Founder of www.attahawi.com and www.ilmgate.com Question: There is a Hadith that divides Ramadan into three periods. Is this Hadith authentic? Reply: After a detailed analysis of all the corroboratory chains of the Hadith in question, it can be …

  • 5 December

    Authenticity of Salatut Tasbih

    In these times of neglect towards din, its sad that some people prefer to discourage the masses from proven acts of worship. The sad part is that it’s all done in the name of promoting Islam! One such deed is: Salat al-Tasbih. In light of the great controversy regarding the authenticity of the Hadiths about Salat al-Tasbih, I present the following: The ruling regarding Salat al-Tasbih is that it is …