This booklet is a translation of a lecture delivered by the great Muhaddith of Syria, Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwamah (hafizahullah) in which he addressed Scholars and students of Islamic knowledge. These were the innermost concerns and feelings that Shaykh poured out to the audience. They are actually solutions to the academic crisis that has clouded the circles of knowledge today. Realising its importance and relevance to the English-speaking student, it has been translated it into English, with the permission of Shaykh.

The translation was based on a written copy of the lecture, with additional points from the audio recording of the seminar.

May Allah Ta’ala inspire the translator and the reader with this priceless advice which emanated from a luminary of our era who is engaged in the service of Hadith for the past sixty years approximately, Amin.


Download the Pdf of the second edition here