Lesson 1 – Having multiple intentions

Lesson 1 – Having multiple intentions

Among the most popular Hadiths is the one that says:

إنما الأعمال بالنيات

All actions are rewarded according to the intentions.

(Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 1)


My Beloved Father, (rahimahullah) would encourage his companions to make multiple intentions, for every deed.

For example: When going to the masjid or to attend a Jalsah or ijtima’ (Islamic/tabligh gathering)

He would say, let’s make the intention of:

  1. Offering Salah with jama’ah.
  2. Meeting and greeting fellow Muslims. (He was very particular about spreading the salam)
  3. Smiling at fellow Muslims, thereby bringing joy to them. (This was a unique feature of Hazrat, and will be expounded on in a future broadcast insha Allah)
  4. Benefitting from the learned ‘Ulama. (Another unique feature in his life, like the next one)
  5. Visiting any sick person if possible.

Based on a Hadith, he would say, by making this particular intention, we will be in Allah’s mercy throughout the journey. He would make this intention too when travelling far away, even overseas.

  1. If there is anybody in need we will try to assist him.
  2. If we pass by scenic areas, we will marvel at Allah’s creation. (Mushahada -e-Qudrat)
  3. We will learn about our Deen.
  4. If the opportunity allows, we will impart/teach Deen to others and revive the Sunnah in some way or the other.
  5. With each of these we seek Allah’s pleasure.

This was Hazrat’s (rahimahullah) habit for many other deeds, he would always make multiple intentions, be it for Nafl Salah, Quran recitation, charity, travel etc.

May Allah Ta’ala inspire us to do the same, thereby acquiring maximum reward for all deeds.


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