Lesson 14 – Love for the symbols of Islam

Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Quran:

ومن يعظم شعائر الله فإنها من تقوى القلوب

‘And whoever honours the symbols of Allah, it is certainly out of the piety of the heart.’

(Surah Haj: verse 32)

Hazrat Moulana Haroon Abasoomar (rahimahullah) had a deep and sincere love for all the symbols of Islam. Whether it was the Masajid, the Quran Sharif, the Madaris, books of Dini knowledge, the Huffaz, ‘Ulama, those engaged in the effort of da’wah and tabligh, Hazrath Moulana maintained respect and adab for all of them.

He never touched any academic book of Islamic knowledge without wudu. When it came to the adab and respect of the Quran Sharif, he would never allow Quran recital to be played in the background while people were engaged in conversation, trade, etc. He would say: ‘Either remain silent and listen to the Quran Sharif or switch it off.’

Whenever he heard someone reciting the Quran Sharif beautifully; or an inspiring lecturer delivering a discourse on Din, his sincere admiration for them would be visible on his face, and he would even speak about it to his close associates.

When he visited new cities, he had a passion to see and admire the Masajid. Whenever he passed by any Masjid, he would recite Durud Sharif. On his travels abroad, when his hosts would offer to take him on a tour of the famous landmarks, monuments, etc. he would refuse and say: ‘Show me a Masjid or a Madrasah. I’m more comfortable there.’

Hazrat (rahimahullah) would go out of his way to visit senior ‘Ulama and Huffaz locally and on his travels.
His admiration and love for the brothers of tabligh was unparalleled. He even appreciated elderly Muslims. He often kissed the elderly folk on their foreheads out of respect for them. Wherever he went in the world, he always kept himself connected with the above people and places.

When he visited a grave, then as a mark of respect, he would remove his sandals and stand on them.

Similarly, his attachment to the Haramayn Shareef was unique. Whenever he went for Haj or ‘Umrah, his habit was to sit in ‘ibadah in the Haram from before Fajr till Ishraq and from Asr till after Esha.
He disliked and avoided arguing with the residents of the Haramayn.

He would check if the toilets and beds in the hotel room were positioned such that the feet faced the qiblah, in which case he would either ask for it to be changed or sleep on the opposite side of the bed, so that his head faced the qiblah instead of his feet. His respect for the qiblah extended to even when he placed his sandals on a shoe rack in any Masjid. He ensured that they did not face the qiblah.
Hazrat Moulana (rahimahullah) never read salah on a Musalla that had a sketch of the Ka’bah or a Masjid on it. He considered having these sketches disrespectful since they were being placed on the floor.

The Adhan is also termed a unique symbol of Islam.

Hazrat Moulana Haroon (rahimahullah) was extremely particular about respecting the Adhan and muadhins. He would remain silent during the Adhan. He would reply to it loudly and recite the du’a after Adhan loudly too, as a reminder to others.

Hazrat (rahimahullah), being an Imam for over forty years, was extremely particular about maintaining the sanctity of the Masjid. He was firm in cautioning people who violated the sanctity of the Masjid, be it in the form of them raising their voices, their cellphones ringing, or even their dressing inside the Masjid. He disliked it when someone entered the Masjid without a hat/topi, and on many occasions, he offered such people one of his own hats.

Just as Hazrat (rahimahullah) loved and respected Mubarak places, he also loved and respected Mubarak times. He would ensure to maximise his benefit from blessed occasions by remaining fully engaged in ‘ibadah and especially du’a. These times extended to Fridays after ‘Asr, the 15th night of Sha’ban, throughout Ramadan and specifically the last moments of Ramadan, followed by the night of Eid. It was practically impossible to talk to him on these occasions, (rahimahullah).

It is extremely sad to note the extent of disregard for most of the above in our societies currently.

May Allah Ta’ala bless the soul of Hazrat Moulana Haroon saheb (rahimahullah) and grant us the ability to uphold the sanctity of Islam in all forms.

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