Lesson 7 – Love for the Quran Karim

My Beloved Father; Hazrat Moulana Haroon Abasoomar (rahimahullah) had a deep love for the kalam of Allah; the Holy Quran. He could spend hours reciting it, listening to its recital from others as well as pondering over its meaning. In fact, whenever he recited Quran he pondered over its meaning.

Hazrat (rahimahullah) had great admiration for the Huffaz and would diligently attend Hifz Khatam Jalsahs. He would also lecture in detail about the rights of the Quran on the Ummah.

Hazrat Moulana (rahimahullah) had a habit of reciting Qur’an Sharif daily and he preferred doing so whilst looking into the Quran itself. So profound was his love for this action that he would even recite Quran Sharif in this manner while driving.

He would often say that the enjoyment (lutf) is much more when looking into the Quran, just as it is more rewarding as well. He would always emphasise reciting the Quran slowly and with full tajweed.

He would also make several intentions before Quran recital.

Among them were:

  1. To attain Allah’s pleasure.
  2. To gain closeness to Allah.
  3. To attain the Nur and Barakah of the Quran.
  4. For the reward.
  5. For Shifa.
  6. It’s the right of the Quran to recite it.
  7. To ponder over its meaning.

Hazrat Moulana (rahimahullah) would sometimes say: ‘I wish I could just seclude myself to recite Quran Sharif and for understanding its meanings.

Hazrat Moulana (rahimahullah) had the habit of aptly recalling the verses of the Quran that pertain to different situations of life, on those respective occasions. He would do so wherever he was, and not only in a lecture or in a classroom. This was a unique feature in his life.

His love to recite Quran Sharif remained until the end of his life. Even in his final Ramadan (one month before his demise), despite his ill health and dialysis treatments, he completed the Quran Sharif in his Tarawih Salah as well.

Hazrat was the first Hafiz in his family, which is now blessed with close to 20 Huffaz.

With his encouragement, many others also became Huffaz. In his initial years at Isipingo Beach masjid, he taught Hifz as well. Hazrat was also instrumental in founding several other Hifz classes in different parts of the country.

May Allah Ta’ala shower his soul with mercies and bless us with tawfiq of bonding with the Quran Sharif. Amin.

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