Muhaddithul ‘Asr, ‘Allamah Muhammad Yusuf Al Binnory (rahimahullah) wrote an inspiring article on the topic of brotherhood in Islam. Hereunder is a summarized English translation of that article which was written in Urdu.
May Allah Ta’ala inspire us to follow these heart-rendering advices.

“Islam has connected all Muslims together in one united relationship. In Islam, there is no distinguishing between Arab and non-Arab, Westerner and Easterner, White and Black. All Muslims are brothers.
The evil has crept in from nationalism, sectionalism, racism and geographical boundaries. Despite fancy slogans of Islamic brotherhood, the entire Muslim Ummah has been left reduced to many small factions. Today the biggest fitnah of the Muslim Ummah is patriotism, nationalism and racism. Due to this the Muslim world is the target of conflict, destruction, differences, vilifying and disunity. Our own country (Pakistan) is the target of this evil type of bigotry.
It is necessary to re-start [this effort of unifying the ummah] and to take resolutions to revive Islam, to consider the rights of our Muslim brothers and strengthen again the relationship of unity that has become weak.
[After citing eleven Hadiths on the topic of Unity, ‘Allamah Binnory -rahimahullah- writes:]
These are the pearls of Nubuwwat, which cannot be matched by any other creed. How foolish would it be for us not to abide by these priceless teachings of Islam.”
(Basayr wa ‘ibar, vol. 2, pg. 380—382)