Lesson 11 – Bringing joy to a Muslim

Sayyiduna Anas (radiyallahu ’anhu) reports that Rasulullah (sallallahu ’alayhi wasallam) said:
“Whoever does for his brother what pleases him, solely to bring him joy, Allah will bring joy to him on the day of Qiyamah.”
(Al-Mu’jamus saghir, Hadith: 1178)
Other narrations have labelled this deed as: “The most virtuous of deeds” and “A sure means of forgiveness.”
(Tabaraniy; Targhib, Hadith: 3878/9)

Hazrat Moulana Haroon Abasoomar saheb (rahimahullah) was always cognisant of this deed.
Hazrat (rahimahullah) had a tactful way of cheering up whoever he met, the rich, the poor, friends and family or strangers, he was able to put a smile on everyone’s face, including young children, thus leaving people with a lasting impression/fond memory.
He would think of unique ways in which to make a person smile.

  • When greeting, especially the poor or indigenous brothers, he would meet them with a smile, with his arms wide open and hug them warmly, and thereafter admire their smile. He took a lot of satisfaction from this noble deed.
  • When visiting the sick, he would use warm and encouraging words. He would also promise the person that he will take his name and make du’a for him. This would bring added joy to the sick patient.
  • When giving charity, he would encourage his associates to give more than is expected, to add to the joy of the poor.
  • When buying from vendors on the street, he would encourage to pay more than the asking price.

He always encouraged giving out candy to children and he would say: “This sweet speaks all languages.” i.e., it cheers up children all over the globe, whatever their language.
Hazrat (rahimahullah) was a very well travelled person. On his travels he met people from all countries. Hazrat (rahimahullah) made a concerted effort to learn the greeting of various languages and had memorised the greeting of more than 30 languages!
He would say: “When you -as a foreigner- greet someone in his own language, he gets more happy.”
Hazrat Moulana Haroon saheb (rahimahullah) actually considered bringing joy to a Muslim as an act of ‘ibadah. That is why he went to such lengths to implement it. He would often quote the above mentioned Hadiths on such occasions, as a reminder of the huge rewards for this unique deed.

May Allah Ta’ala bless us with this noble trait too, as it is a sign of pure sincerity. May Allah Ta’ala fill Hazrat Moulana’s (rahimahullah) grave with mercy and nur and raise his stages in Jannah. Amin.

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