Lesson 2 – No Racism in Islam

My Beloved Father (rahimahullah) was very vocal against racism and xenophobia in all its ugly forms. He lectured on this topic in many venues. He would always quote the famous Hadith on this topic:

‘There is no superiority for an Arab over a non Arab, nor for a white person over a black person, but by virtue of their taqwa.’

(Ahmad and Tabarani)

In addition to lecturing, he practically demonstrated exemplary character towards our indigenous Muslims and foreign Muslims.

Hazrat (rahimahullah) had the extraordinary habit of cheerfully greeting such people and embracing them in his arms.

He would often tell me:

‘These brothers feel inferior, we should make them feel superior. See how happy they get when we greet them properly.’

When foreign Muslims migrated to the area from their countries, he would try -in different ways- to make them feel most welcomed and comfortable. He would instruct his family to do the same.

He would light heartedly say to any Indian Muslim who relocated to our country:  ‘You are better than us, we troubled our forefathers to migrate from India [a century ago]. You came yourselves.’ This was his way of making them feel comfortable and to show that we are no different.

To emphasise on the brotherhood of Islam and to remove any indifference, he (rahimahullah) would tell his associates to refer to them as:

Our Pakistani/Indian/Somali brothers or Our African Muslim brothers. Ensuring to include the words ‘our’ and ‘brother’ to demonstrate the unity of Islam.

On many occasions when he visited a different Masjid, he first greeted the muadhin in his cheerful manner. He would also greet them in their language, which would bring smiles to their faces. He considered such Muslims most worthy of charity. He also admired those who served the indigenous community in any form; be it charity, other support and through madrasahs.

He considered every Muslim part of his family and would take sincere pity on those who deserved pity.

In his final lecture too (10 days prior to his demise) he spoke on this topic.

May Allah fill his qabr with nur and grant us the ability to follow in his footsteps.


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