Ever since man existed, so too did his pen exist.

With the passage of time, the only thing that changed was the form and mechanism of this pen.

The fact that this tool of knowledge has stood the test of time is proof of its power.

One should never underestimate the impact of the written word. Even in an era like ours, where there are so many innovative ways of capturing knowledge, there is nothing that matches the written word.

Some narrations encourage the use of the pen with the following words:

‘Capture knowledge by writing it.’

(Refer: Majma’uz Zawaid, Hadith: 684-686)

For the Flag bearers of Islam

As flag bearers of Islam, every ‘alim is entrusted with two basic responsibilities;

  1. The propagation of the knowledge of Islam.
  2. The defense of Islam.

Just as the above duties can be fulfilled with the tongue, so too can they be achieved with the pen. Each mode has its benefits.

Throughout time, the illustrious scholars of Islam have continuously fulfilled the above duties. It is due to their writings that many are recognised, and highly regarded up to this day; centuries after their demise.

Varied Capabilities

Allah Ta’ala has created each man differently. For many, He has made it easy to use their tongues in fulfilling the above responsibility, while others find it easier to use their pens, and for some Allah Ta’ala combines the best of both!

As students of Islam, we should always aspire for the ideal. Therefore, we are encouraged to utilise both; our tongues as well as our pens for propagating Din. It is through the pen, that we can fashion the generations that will follow. If we give up the pen, we are effectively giving up on the next generation!

Unfortunately many have the inculcated the ‘copy and paste trend’. This will weaken our ability to produce our own writings and speeches.

We will never know the actual power of our pens, until we give it our first try!


Note: The above is an effort to inspire qualified bearers of knowledge to utilise their skill. This should not be used to justify the writings/speeches of the unqualified!